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    Manage the digital flow of your supplier invoices.
    Rely on Siav and its outsourced services!


Siav for over 25 years has been working alongside many companies and public entities to find the best document process management solutions. Even in the tax area. This experience is now available for you, thanks to a complete set of modular and flexible outsourced services, ISO 9000 quality certified and ISO 27001, for the accounts payable management.

Efficienza Gestione Fatture Fornitori

Let your staff take care only of the most important activities: leave the invoice processing to those who have equipment and specialized personnel.
Thanks to Siav outsourcing services you can reduce costs, times and the error margins, remove the unnecessary steps, get rid of the technology obsolescence problems.

Make uniform the management of the inbound invoices flow! Don’t worry about how you receive them: PEC, email, fax, registered mails, web portals, also PA XML for the future, …

Many ways and formats that we can handle for you. And then it will be easier to load documents into your ERP system.

Processi Gestione Fatture
Normativa Gestione Fatture

How much does it costs to keep up with the regulations? New laws, circulars, technical rules on the management and preservation of the tax records are issued very frequently, and may require expensive interventions on your systems. And also it is not easy to have the certainty to be “in accordance”. 
The Siav DMO, thanks to the expertise of its specialists, takes care even of these tasks instead of you.



    Our systems are multi-channel: paper mail, PEC and ordinary e-mail, XML-PA invoice, fax, batches of files in electronic format, supplier portals, EDI flows, …
    Through Siav you can have all your documents in a single format, so as to simplify further processing.


    Indexing is an expensive activity, you can delegate all or only part of this to our skilled staff, choosing from several options:

    • invoices “Marking”, for example via barcode or IVA protocol
    • sender reading, received data, macro-category
    • all data extraction, including items

    We can also identify the competence cost center, if you specify us the rules to follow.


    At this point, the documents processed by our DMO may be sent to your systems.
    You can use our outsourcing solution based on the ECM Archiflow platform, which offers advanced tools for the document process management and the chance to access content from anywhere, even through our Archiflow Mobile app.


    The registration also can be done in various ways: through automatic upload to your ERP, or directly from your staff, by consulting the documents stored in our Data Center.
    Alternatively you can delegate to us also this service: our operators will carry the load directly into the ERP system, based on the rules that you will communicate.
    Our solutions are SAP certified and integrate with host systems.


    The approval phase requires to involve many different people. From our portal you can assign the bill manually or activate a workflow engine that governs the entire approval process.
    From the portal it is easy to pass a bill, and you can do it also from your mobile device.


    An effective management of the relationship with suppliers avoids unnecessary loss of time and reduces the risk of claims. Our BlueDrive portal offers you an area of collaboration with your suppliers, share documents, emails, and other content to create a Business Relationship Management (BRM) system.


    Our AgID and ISO 27001 certified systems provide the highest reliability in the process of digital storage of tax documents.
    Click here to learn more about our preservation solutions.
    Accessories Services include the storage of the paper, and the pulping of the same at the end of the hold period provided by law.


    Our services can be customized according to your requirements, and extended to meet additional requirements, such as workflow management for purchase requests, or purchase orders.
    The availability of an ECM system allows you to manage all types of documents, such as DDT, quotes, orders, price lists, notes of variation, vendor cards, records, communications, etc.

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