The Digital Company conference

A success for the event organized by AIB for Siav

Brescia Industrial Association (AIB) is the representative Brescia and its Provinces industrial companies association, in Italy is one of the largest with more than 1,200 member companies and is Confindustria member, entering in the “15 Club”, which includes the largest 15 Italian Confindustria associations. AIB, born April 14th, 1897, with its century of history is the oldest Italian industrial Association, however, has always been a pioneer and convinced that innovation in the companies is a cornerstone for the future. For these reasons, and to increase the awareness of the associated companies by allowing them to take up the challenge that awaits them in the coming years, was held Friday, October 24 at the Relais Franciacorta in Colombaro Cortefranca (BS) the event “THE DIGITAL COMPANY “.

The event was organized by AIB and SIAV SpA which together have conceived the event as an informative and educational opportunity (workshop format) and Siav SpA has taken care and managed the contents with the collaboration of their thematic partner. A successful formula, made up of a plenary session which allowed to open a window on the “Digital” world applied to companies and national/international trends, then declining it in different working groups on three areas of interest: administrative, commercial and marketing. This collaboration has proven very effective in engaging the local Entrepreneurial tissue and appreciated by the participants, creating a valuable synergy between the institutional and the innovative role of AIB and the consultancy and specialized value offered by Siav SpA on the issues.

Many companies that have attended the workshop, some of the most important AIB Associates, which have provided very positive feedbacks on the format adopted and about the contents. Siav SpA has edited and presented a large part of the contents of the Event also during the plenary session (The Digital Company) held by Loris Scanferla, both at the thematic Digital Administration tables held by Mauro Scanferla and Paolo Minetto, Digital Sales Force held by Andrea Carrara of GEA, Lorenzo Faglia and Leonardo Bernardi, Digital Marketing held by Loris Scanferla and Michele Rinaldi of ASKE.

For the great success we thank Isabella Berardi and Francesco Beghetti of AIB that promoted the collaboration and organized all the event flawlessly.