• PA Electronic Invoicing

    Directly from Archiflow, with a click!

Integrated with your ERP

Siav has designed an Archiflow integrated solution for those who want to manage the entire process in-house, fully complying with current technical rules.

Simple, secure, by PEC

The solution takes CEM full advantages:  is minimally invasive, easily traceable, offers enforceable to third guarantees, allows you to make digital preservation.

  • Integrated with Archiflow

    Archiflow automatically imports invoices and saves them in the document repository, extracting the data profiling. This allows easy consultation of bills and consequent verification of their status

  • Automated management

    Automated services for the CEM management are involved to send invoices to SDI, to monitor all the receipts, then saved in Archiflow for consultation, and to report defects or exceptions

  • Digital Preservation in accordance with regulations

    All invoices issued, the CEM used for sending the same, CEM receipts and notifications sent by SDI are submitted to the electronic storage process in accordance with regulations using Virgilio

  • Easy consultation

    Invoices stored in Archiflow can be viewed directly from the ERP, through dedicated connectors (SAP, AS /400) or generic ones (Web Services, http)

  • CEM advantages

    Provides inherent and opposable to third parties guarantees (return receipts, log messages storage for 30 months by the PEC Manager)