Siav Tech & Sales Meeting – 23 September 2016

Rubàno (PD) New technologies, major projects, case studies, results, objectives and guidelines: these are the contents of the technical and commercial Siav meeting which took place on September 23rd at Villa Borromeo.

The meeting was opened by Alfieri Voltan, President of Siav, who confirmed his satisfaction with the results, stressing the importance of team building. “The feeling is that of a team that can throw the heart over the obstacle,” Voltan said, highlighting the important references obtained in 2016 and the projects for 2017.

Great ferment characterizes the Siav Research and Development laboratory, focused on the themes of Business Process Intelligence, process mining, new technologies and ECM in the innovative digital workplace.

So the road ahead is so long, but the vision of where Siav wants to go is clear.

_sales tech meeting siav 2016

Rùbano – Alfieri Voltan, Siav president, opens Siav tech and sales meeting September 23 at Villa Borromeo (PD)