The Italian National Archivist Association

Siav was admitted as supporter in ANAI

The ANAI National Executive Council of the institution recognizes Siav as an organization “interested in the study and promotion of the protection and the proper manament of digital archives”.

The italian underway computerization process and digitization in public and private institutions experienced a strong acceleration bringing concrete solutions to issues that affect the work of archivists to which, every day, new challenges and frontiers in the digital environment are presented. ANAI, founded in 1949, promotes activities and studies to support the cultural function of archivists, to develop and to protect their professional skills, to improve relations between experts and lovers of the archives and to preserve and promote the archival heritage.

Siav, by adhering to ANAI, intends to put to the scientific community and operators its vast experience gained in 25 years of history in the digital, with the largest market share in Italy.

“The Companies resume investing in technology – says Alfieri Voltan, 64 years old, Siav president and founder, president and founder of the Siav Foundation Academy and also a member of the Executive Council of the Friends Association of the National Academy of Lincei, the oldest scientific academy of the world, which is also the scientific and the cultural advisor to the President of Repubblica.-The digital document management is becoming a legal requirement even in the PA and Siav has all the necessary know-how to enable public and private entities to meet the new challenges without problems, at reasonable cost and without distraction from their core business and their own mission. This is in fact the Siav goal, to be always the reference for companies and organizations for the digital innovation processes through continuous investment in research & development, and with its cutting-edge products and services. ”