Siav is officially an AGID accredited Preservator

Since 24th  December is online the list of the accredited preservator by AGID: this was the final step of a long process of implementation of the provisions of art. 44-bis of the Digital Administration Code (CAD), in which are recognized the realities of excellence in the Italian market in the field of the digital preservation of documents.

These are player selected by AgID applying very strict evaluation criteria, considering the importance of the task entrusted, that is the long-term preservation of the immense and valuable documentary heritage produced by our public institutions.

In fact, according to the technical rules about the preservation “public administrations realize the preservation processes within their organizational structure or assigning them to accredited preservators, public or private, in art. 44-bis, paragraph 1, of the CAD […] “(DPCM December 3, 2013, art. 5 paragraph 3).

Due to the sensitivity of the subject, AgID has therefore placed very strict conditions in order to be accredited, specifying a number of various types of requirements which certify the absolute safety and reliability of all Preservator.

The Agency took inspiration from some of the most known international standards to identify the standards to be followed, in particular with reference to ISO 27001, OAIS (ISO 14721: 2002, Open Archival Information System) and ETSI (ETSI TS 101 533 -1 V1.1.1, version of May 2011).

From these standards AgID has provided a checklist of 73 points to fulfill in order to be credited, which covers organizational (33 requirements), procedural (29 points) and infrastructure (11 points) aspects. The compliance to this checklist ensures the achievement of the level of quality and security required to provide an adequate service to the objectives set by the Agency.

Among the many evaluation parameters we can mention: access management (even physical) to the archives, the management of business continuity and backup, risk analysis, manual content preservation identification, the contracts, the characteristics of the used SW systems, management of document flows, the characteristics of the hardware and software infrastructure.

They were also given the stringent requirements to frame the professionals involved, among which identifies not only the conservation service Supervisor, but also those who deal with security, privacy, information systems, as well as those who must take account of issues archival nature that must be taken into account when working on documents from public institutions.

Contact an accredited preservator, even if it is a requirement for PA, thus becomes a guarantee of quality and reliability to all those who – whether public or private companies – want to use a service that only very few players in Italy are able to offer.

Siav has heavily invested to achieve this certification, in the belief of the growing importance of proper storage of digital content, and in the awareness that this service will be more and more often entrusted to serious and qualified operators, able to provide high guarantees in terms of protection, property, security, and persistence of the information that is entrusted to them.

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The list of accredited preservators is here:

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