Sacmi group entrusts Siav for the management of 400,000 documents

During the Conference of the Observatory of Electronic Invoicing and Dematerialization organized by Politecnico di Milano on the last June 19, Sacmi presented the digital preservation best practices of 400,000 documents, entirely run by Siav.

Present in 28 countries, with more than 80 companies headed to the Imola headquarters, and a turnover of 1.3 billion Euros, SACMI, active in the mechanical production for ceramic industries, packaging, food and automation, chose to entrust Siav for the digital preservation of invoices towards PA and with it of all its financial reports.

Since 2005 the international group, as part of an administrative reorganization, has set up its own Shared Services Center, where the administrative activities of the 11 Italian companies of the Group, with the adoption of a IT document management solution.

When arose the obligation of the PA electronic billing with contextual requirements of digital preservation, the company evaluated the opportunity to extend their preservation to all its accounting documents, approximately 400,000 (PA invoice, active cycle, passive and daybook).

As a Certificate Preservator, Siav has developed an outsourced solution by offering a platform to provide flexibility, customization and control of a typical on-premise solution, useful to support Sacmi in future developments, where the customer is interested in a in-house preservation system.

Among the advantages, at the time, obtained: the complete dematerialisation of the documentation cycle, the elimination of the costs and the paper storage space, improved corporate data security through digital procedures.