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PA Electronic Invoicing

With the publication of Decree No. 5 of 3 April 2013 the requirement for the electronic invoicing Companies to Public Institutions has become a reality, extended to all the PA from March 31, 2015.

General government providers are thus faced with having to manage the billing cycle only in electronic format, in the emission, transmission and storage of the document.

Siav is technically and normative competent for delivering the best PA invoices management solution, fully complying with the current technical rules.
You can choose to manage the PA invoicing via Archiflow or rely on our outsourcing service.

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How to adopt it and why

How does the billing to the PA works

The billing process to the PA requires the interaction between a series of subjects:

  • the supplier, who provides the service and must issue the invoice;
  • the Interchange System (SDI), a national portal that acts as a hub for the the collection and the sorting of all invoices;
  • the public institution that uses the service or buys the product;
  • the intermediary: people who can manage on behalf of third parties, the communications flow through SDI technology solutions comply with legal requirements.

The data flow and the documents involving suppliers and PA is based on XML files and can be implemented via different communication channels: CEM, HTTP, FTP, SPC (Public Connectivity System, only for the authorities). The process involves sending the digitally signed bills to SDI, which arranges for sending the bill to the recipient institution.

Within 15 days the Public Institution must answer by accepting or rejecting the bill, otherwise SDI notifies the expiration time, which results in the automatic invoice acceptance.

Advantages and savings

The use of solutions for the management of invoices in electronic format is not only a legal obligation, but a big saving opportunity for those involved.

There are various researches on the economic benefits that can be found through the dematerialization of invoices and, in general, into the order cycle. According to a study by the Electronic Invoicing Observatory of the School of Management of Politecnico di Milano, the savings are truly remarkable:

Supplier average savings for sending invoices electronically: 7€ per document

Savings for the supplier with with the digitalization of the entire order cycle: 25-65€ per document

Saving for the public institution which receives electronic invoices: 10-20€ per document

The Siav proposal through CEM

Siav has chosen to use its own enterprise CEM management technologies for shipping invoices to SDI and for the handling of notifications sent by this.
CEM in fact:

  • provides inherent and opposable to third parties guarantees (return receipts, storage for 30 months of the messages’ log by PEC Manager)
  • is immediately usable, not requiring accreditation procedures to activate the process of sending invoices to public authorities
  • allows you to structure all communications with SDI via traceable electronic documents, which can be easily subjected to digital preservation
  • allows you to quickly and easily extend the software solution of sending B2B invoices, also using traditional documents in PDF format.

 The use of CEM allows you to create a minimally invasive solution, which requires minimal technical interventions for the adaptation, generating little impact at the organizational and technological level, and reducing time and costs.

Choose the best solution for your Organization

Archiflow PA billing module

Siav has designed an integrated solution in Archiflow created for people who want to manage the entire process in-house, fully complying with the current technical rules.

Outsourcing Service PA Billing

Siav offers a turnkey service, in certified outsourcing, simple to use and with rapid activation, in full compliance with the legislation.