Discover the new Archiflow 8.4 release

Archiflow is enriched with new key features, technological and normative adaptations and many other interventions: more than 80 improvements to make Archiflow richer and suitable for you.

Some news in 8.4 version:
User interface
Archiflow 8.4 includes many interventions for a better user experience, such as document drag and drop in the web client, tabs grouping in the tracked list, sending the link to the document for easy consultation from mobile

New columns and registries
In Archiflow 8.4 we have realized several changes to enrich the new registries: new fields, choice of the location category (home, office, ..), duplication checks, and much more

Compatibility and certifications
Archiflow 8.4 is compatible with Windows 2012 R2 and Oracle 12C. It is also officially SAP certified.

PA Invoicing
Archiflow 8.4 offers full compatibility with version 1.1 of the XML PA Invoice. Archiflow 8.4 includes a module designed to provide public institutions to manage the flow of incoming invoices.

Archiflow & BlueDrive
Archiflow 8.4 introduces new features for an even more effective integration with BlueDrive.