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    Staying up to date on regulations is not only a necessity.
    It’s an opportunity!

The regulation on the dematerialization of paper documents is constantly changing: stay updated on the latest news, which range from the PEC to the digital signature, from Public Administration invoicing  to Digital Preservation, requires specific skills and involves a heavy commitment in time and resources.
Siav, for more than 25 years, is dealing with these issues, has developed a consulting service on regulations and their application to the document processes, to share with its customers their own skills, combining the knowledge of the rules with a consolidated experience in the field.

The counseling service provides answers to very concrete demands: keep themselves informed, receive clarification on regulations, ensure its own customers compliance with applicable laws.


Four-month newsletter produced by the Siav Normative Monitoring Centre about the major regulatory changes in the field of Dematerialization and Digital Preservation, and related opportunities. The service also includes newsletters special editions on the occasion of issue or the entry into force of measures whose implementation has urgency.

The expert answers

The implementation of standards and technical regulations often results in doubts about their correct interpretation
To meet this need Siav provides its own experts who, through a telephone counseling appointment, or by e-mail, are able to provide the necessary clarifications about issues or immediate interpretation situations.


The service provides a day in which Siav experts go at the headquarters of the customer in order to discuss these issues: verification of the existing digital preservation process; check of the “preservation manual“; update on major regulatory changes and the impact of these on the conservation processes; future developments and actions to be taken.

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Normative Monitoring Centre

Siav sets up a Normative Monitoring Centre that is responsible for the monitoring of the laws, technical regulations and circulars about the dematerialization, that constantly keeps up with the major Italian experts in the sector. Thanks to the training and information action of the Monitoring Centre and the expertise of its specialists, Siav supports customers in document process management projects and constantly checks adherence to current regulations.

Osservatorio Normativo
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