From October 12 obligation to the IT Protocol Registry Preservation

Within October 12, 2015 the Public Administration authorities must adapt their protocol systems to the new regulations, and in particular are forced to digitally generate the daily protocol log to transmit it “within the next business day following the digital preservation system, ensuring the ‘immutability of the contents “, as directed by the Prime Ministerial Decree of 03.12.2013 “Technical Regulations on IT Protocol”.

In addition to the daily maintenance of protocol log, the Technical Regulations also provide for the obligation to adopt the Manual of the IT protocol management, document flows and archives.

These are the introduced innovations:

  1. introduction of the concept of document management coordinator in case of PA with more organizational areas
  2. content revision of the IT protocol management manual for a fuller description of processes
  3. manual publication obligation on PA’s institutional website
  4. minimim IT protocol functionalities exceedings
  5. preservation in accordance with law of the daily protocol log
  6. modification of information in the Protocol signature format with the introduction of the protocol log format
  7. mandatory use of the PA IPA code, the name of the PA in the tax register in the protocol registry and in scoring protocol
  8. PEC and applicative cooperation discipline as the only tools for the transmission of electronic documents between systems protocol
  9. footprint generation for each electronic document