Digital Fund Project for CNPADC

Siav is accompanying CNPADC for more than five years in the Digital Fund project, with the aim of innovating the administrative proceedings and put the Associates at the center; today the Siav software platform Archiflow is the core of the strategic management of document processes of the Fund and management of the Associates.

When in 2009 we selected Archiflow, we didn’t think was possible such a profound and effective integration with the rest of our platforms. We were in a period of technological choices, so we knew that the results would came over years. The initial idea was to choose a product to move from paper documents to full digital document management. What has happened thereafter was that reengineering our processes and developing our applications, Siav has always accompanied us along this process, allowing us to create safe and reliable solutions with significant TCO reductions.

Ing.Gaetano Mungari
CNPADC Planning and organization director
Italian CPA Association

The Customer

CNPADC is the Social Security Institution of Chartered Accountants. The Mission of the Fund is to manage the compulsory welfare of Accountants and care interventions of different nature to Associates and their families.

Since 1995 the Association become private law and can not make use of public funds. Since 2004 a structural reform aimed at ensuring the financial sustainability of long period. The introduced measures have contributed in a few years to the doubling of the net assets of the Fund. The Fund is a young social security institution, considering that the report enrolled/pensioners is approximately equal to 10. More than 60% of the Associates under 45 years.


The Fund from 2009 begins an organizational and technological transformation process with ambitious goals including the improving of the services offered to Associates and innovate operational, organizational and technological aspects no longer adapted to the medium and long term strategies.
These the priorities objectives:

• Innovative services closer to the Associate needs.

• Streamlining of administrative procedures.

• Increased security in information management.

• Response times guaranteed.

• TCO Reduction ( Total Cost of Ownership)

• Eco-sustainability of the Fund activities.

The project

Since 2010 CNPADC uses Archiflow successfully to manage the IT Protocol.

The solution has evolved over time, proceeding to subsequent projects, to manage the processes of numerous organizational and strategic areas.

CNPADC now has a modern ECM system integrated with the ERP Sage X3, which is used by all the employees (165) and integrates IT Protocol, document management, automation and digitization of document processes, management of certified electronic mail, electronic storage, e-invoicing, dossiers of the Members digital management (80,000).