On October 28, 2016 the Revenue Agency’s Measure as to the technical rules for the electronic transmission of invoice data was released.

The measure therefore defines the terms and conditions that, from January 1, 2017 will put electronic invoicing between private parties (B2B) into effect.

The measure, in implementing the provisions of the Legislative Decree dated August 5, 2015, no. 127, defines the information to be transmitted, the rules and technical solutions as well as the terms for the computerized data transmission of invoices issued and received and their variations.

In addition, the measure provides that the acquired information will be promptly made available – in an organized and safe form – to VAT taxpayers who have adopted the option.

The option for the electronic transmission of invoice data to the Revenue Agency can be applied by the 31st of December of the year preceding the start of the data transmission.

The measure confirms that it is not necessary to transmit the sent and received electronic invoices data to the Revenue Agency through the interchange system as in the billing process with Public Administrations.

These regulations represent a further boost to the process optimization for companies that have already taken or plan to take the path of the digital and dematerialized management of tax documents.